Modifying AlwaysOn Read Only Routing Lists

Best way to investigate secondary readonly list.

SELECT as "Availability Group", ar.replica_server_name as "When Primary Replica Is",
rl.routing_priority as "Routing Priority", ar2.replica_server_name as "RO Routed To",

ar.secondary_role_allow_connections_desc, ar2.read_only_routing_url
FROM sys.availability_read_only_routing_lists rl
inner join sys.availability_replicas ar on rl.replica_id = ar.replica_id

inner join sys.availability_replicas ar2 on rl.read_only_replica_id = ar2.replica_id

inner join sys.availability_groups ag on ar.group_id = ag.group_id
ORDER BY, ar.replica_server_name, rl.routing_priority


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